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Some pesky aliens have been burning all their waste in your neighbouring star for too long, how long can you prevent the star from going supernova?


• Your mission is to keep the star alive and generate the greatest amount of nuclear fuel
• Be careful as the star nuclear fusion gets faster the game speed becomes more challenging
• Try to fuse as many elements together before the nova cycle reaches the boundary to increase your fuel efficiency multiplier and produce the most fuel possible
• How long will you survive and can you stop the star from going supernova!


• BEAUTIFUL design with an addictive blend of arcade and puzzle gameplay
• PLAY three exciting game modes with unique gameplay mechanics
• PICK a vibrant color theme to suit your style and mood
• MUSIC by the brilliant composer WaterFlame
• CHALLENGE you friends to get the highest scores possible


• Touch left or right side of screen to rotate elements 
• Swipe left or right to accelerate the elements
• swipe up or down to active powerups


This game was developed by an indie developer based in Sydney Australia with a passion for creating innovative and immersive gaming experiences. Technologies used during the development process include the Libgdx framework, OpenGL ES, Andriod Studio and Java. 

Music was provided by Waterflame please check out all of his brilliant work using the following link.


Please comment below if you enjoy the game or have any feedback! Cheers :)

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